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Australia defined-snapshot-of-population-growth-change mccrindle-research_infographic

More than half of Australia's growth can be attributed to net overseas migration, which is filling our skills shortages. The United Kingdom and New Zealand dominate our migrant lists, but we are culturally diverse. <br><br>We're also growing through natural increase, with our nation going through a record baby boom and increased longevity rates. We're seeing changes in household types, we have an ageing population, but we're growing. <br><br>And it's easy to see why... because while Australia comes 52nd in population and 6th in land mass, it's the number 1 place to live!!

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Australia defined-snapshot-of-population-growth-change mccrindle-research_infographic

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  1. AUSTRALIA DEFINED A SNAPSHOT OF POPULATION GROWTH & CHANGE - - MORE THAN HALF OUR GROWTH IS FROM NET OVERSEAS MIGRATION WHICH IS FILLING OUR SKILLS SHORTAGES... AND THE UK & NZ still dominate our migrant lists. TOP SEVEN SOURCE COUNTRIES BUT WE ARE CULTURALLY DIVERSE The average age of Australians from other countries shows a long history of warm welcomes: from post-WWII reconstruction to unrest in 1970s Yugoslavia, migration from Vietnam & Sri Lanka, 1990s flows from South Africa & Hong Kong to recent from South Africa & Hong Kong to recent unrest in the Middle East & Africa. WE’RE ALSO GROWING THROUGH NATURAL INCREASE A RECORD BABY BOOM & INCREASED LONGEVITY RATES AND WE’RE SEEING CHANGES IN HOUSEHOLD TYPES, with the couple household soon to take over the nuclear family as the most numerous. WE’RE AGEING ... BUT WE’RE GROWING AND IT’S EASY TO SEE WHY... BECAUSE WHILE AUSTRALIA IS 52nd IN POPULATION & 6th IN LAND MASS... IT’S THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE! ABS, McCrindle Research © 2012 know the times

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