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The 2019 Nobel Prize Winners

The 2019 Nobel Prize winners so far.

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The 2019 Nobel Prize Winners

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  1. The 2019 Nobel Prize winners

  2. NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: ABIY AHMED - Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for his peacemaking efforts which ended two decades of hostility with longtime enemy Eritrea.

  3. NOBEL PRIZE FOR LITERATURE: PETER HANDKE, OLGA TOKARCZUK - Austria's Peter Handke won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature, and the postponed 2018 award went to Polish author Olga Tokarczuk (pictured).

  4. Peter Handke, 76, won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature for "an influential work that with linguistic ingenuity has explored the periphery and the specificity of human experience," the Academy said in a statement.

  5. NOBEL PRIZE FOR CHEMISTRY: JOHN GOODENOUGH, STANLEY WHITTINGHAM, AKIRA YOSHINO - Three scientists won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for developing and refining rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which made the global information technology,

  6. Speaking on Japanese TV after hearing of his win, a smiling Akira Yoshino (pictured) said he was glad to have helped the environment.

  7. Gregory Offer, an expert in mechanical engineering at Imperial College London, said the scientists' work had led to "one of the key enabling technologies of the 21st century.

  8. NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS: JAMES PEEBLES, MICHEL MAYOR, DIDIER QUELOZ - Swiss scientists Michel Mayor (pictured) and Didier Queloz and Canadian-American cosmologist James Peebles won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Physics for revealing the wonder of the


  10. At a news conference in London, Didier Queloz said the focus of research had now shifted from finding more planets to finding out more about them -- about their atmosphere, chemistry and formation.

  11. Canadian-American cosmologist James Peebles, of Princeton University in the U.S., was awarded the other half of the Nobel Prize for Physics.

  12. NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE: WILLIAM KAELIN, PETER RATCLIFFE, GREGG SEMENZA - Two Americans and a Briton won the 2019 Nobel Medicine Prize for discovering a molecular switch that regulates how cells adapt to fluctuating oxygen levels, opening up new

  13. The scientists' work established the basis for understanding of how oxygen levels are sensed by cells -- a discovery that is being explored by medical researchers seeking to develop treatments for various diseases that work by either activating or

  14. "Oxygen is the vital ingredient for the survival of every cell in our bodies. Too little -- or too much -- can spell disaster.

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